New version is here

We have launched another system release. Here is the list of the most important changes:

  • New collecting widget added – you can paste the widget to your website so people submit their entries directly into RandomPicker.
  • Asynchronous drawing – new drawing mode for large lists. You start the drawing and the system will conduct the drawing in the background so you don’t need to wait until it is finished. You will be notified by email about the result.
  • Data import – you can choose between Add / Replace entries
  • Data import – automatically fills a serie of numbers
  • Even more drawing transparency – a list of anonymized entries is available in the protocol so people can see the structure of the list, duplicate records or weigths
  • Protocol – responsive (mobile) layout added.
  • Protocol – french localization added
  • Many minor changes and improvements

We are listening to our users and most changes are reflecting your requests. We hope you will like it! team


Version 4.4 + 4.5

A new RandomPicker update is here with new pricing policy and several system improvements:

  • New free plan for nonprofits
  • New project limits (100 for free projects, 300000 for paid plans)
  • New price for a single credit ($39 USD) and Human Audit ($97 USD)
  • Added a list of recent projects (last 3 days before the drawing) in the protocol
  • Several design and UX improvements
  • Large import optimizations
  • API fixes

Thank you for all your suggestions and ideas!


Version 4.3

We have made several fixes and improvements in the current update.

  • Project Overview page re-designed
  • You can download your entries to a CSV file
  • Download winners in CSV – UTF8 fixed (thanks to Truong and Яна for reporting)
  • Email validation improved
  • Performance improvements in DB
  • Minor bug fixes


New Version 4.0

The new version of RandomPicker is out. Here is the list of improvements.

  • Sign up with your Google account
  • New plan for agencies and advanced users – API features, 2 Human Audits
  • Design changes
  • Several minor fixes and speed improvement

We hope you enjoy them!

System update 8/9/2014

We are going to implement a series of system improvements and server upgrades on Tuesday 8/9/2014. Several short downtimes may occur during the update.

We apologize for any inconvenience. We’ll post the staus at the @randompicker Twitter account and our Facebook pages .

Sincerely, team

New partner

Leaderboarded.comWe are proud to announce our new partner – It is an awesome application providing fast way to create your own leaderboards and turn your users, clients, employees or family members into players.

The team has implemented a simple way to export users into RandomPicker format. This makes the setup of your drawing very quick and simple. We are working on a new interface which would allow to draw winners directly from Leaderborded environment.


Check the video below to learn more:

Please read the following article for more details:

Scheduled maintenance

Our team will be implementing a series of system improvements and server upgrades soon. Several short downtimes may occur within the next few days (mainly on Saturday, November 9th and Wednesday, November 13th) . The update will speed up our service and will add several important functions.

We apologize for any inconvenience. We’ll post the staus at the @randompicker Twitter account and our Facebook pages .

Sincerely, team