v3.4. is here – news

We have updated RandomPicker system to improve performance and security:

  • New project type – sport competitions – draw players / teams
  • Added hash to protocol link
  • Project protocol is visible even before the final draw
  • Anticheating – daily limit 5 projects per user is applied (including deleted projects)
  • File size limit during import increased
  • XLSX Import – minor bug fixed (import weights)
  • Full-text search in protocol improved
  • Italian language added (thanks to Ondrej)
  • and several minor improvements

Thank you for all your comments!


New functions in v3.3.

Changes in the new system update (version 3.3):

  • Confirmation page (checklist) is displayed before final draw
  • Project wizard – any drawing project includes 7 easy steps (1-create project, 2-insert entrants, (3-see the list of entrants), 4-test draw, 5-display results of test/s, 6-checklist, 7-final draw). You do not need to return back to project overview after each step.
  • Protocol is available even before the final draw (project owner, prizes, name, conditions)
  • Project list – only open projects are displayed by default, you can display also old projects by clicking “Display all” button)
  • Human audit – a stamp with evaluation 100% is displayed in the protocol
  • Several minor improvements (language chosen by parameter)

Do you have any idea or comments relating to RandomPicker? Let us know, we hear our users!

Research: Human random generator

We asked 600 people to mention any random number between 0-99. Do you think results were random and usable as a random number generator? Unfortunatelly not – some numbers are preferred, some numbers were not mentioned at all.

Favourite numbers: 77, 13, 7, 33, 23, 99, 55
Most unpopular numbers: 20, 49, 61, 91, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97

Here are complete results, the bigger size the higher frequency.


What is your random number? šŸ˜‰


System update released (3.2.1)

We have released new set of system updates:

  • Data import optimization: quicker; paralellel import disabled
  • Upload progress displayed during import
  • Whitespaces are not imported
  • You can enable/disable header in imported file
  • More login attempts before locking an account
  • Improved invoice generator
  • Russian localization (thanks to Alex Suvorov)
  • Spanish localization (thanks to Jana)
  • Several minor improvements

We continue developing the system, new features will be added soon!

Server downtime for system update, version 3 is coming!

After three years of development,Ā  version 3 is here. We have made many changes to help you work faster and more efficiently with RandomPicker.com. This weekĀ  – from April 27th until April 29th – we will be taking down our server to implement our new system. We apologize for any inconvinience this may cause, however it’s necessary for the smooth migration.

Some of important new features nad improvements

  • Random number generators – you can choose from three random methods (true random – pure thermal noise or with buzzing noise, pseudo-random numbers).
  • Design changes – we applied several changes for better user experience
  • Anti-cheating functions – weights are displayed in protocols and fulltext search, list of other projects, weight limitation
  • Your account – possibility to delete projects or accounts, profile changes
  • Support – new sections FAQ, manual
  • Other improvements added (project counter, winner email protection), several minor bugs fixed

Free services and fees

Since 2010, RandomPicker was completely for free. After three years we decided to charge a small fee for some services. Servers, programming or system maintenance are demanding and we need resources to develop new features and keep the service reliable.

The service will be for free for personal and non-profit purposes. If you use RandomPicker for business purposes, we will charge a small fee for each draw. We want to thank you for your registration as our early users and added 3 credits to your accounts.
Do you have any comment or idea? Do you miss any function in RandomPicker? Please help us to improve your services and write us. Or you can use http://randompicker.uservoice.com form to submit your comments. Many thanks in advance!

Let bees choose the winner

We prepared a new version of the system with advanced random number generators. RandomPicker will still use computer algorithms and will add true random numbers (thermal noise). We are also working on other interesting methods. The first one is a mixture of true random numbers and numbers generated from buzzing. You can see the whole process illustrated:
(scheme created by the youngest team member, my daughter Katy)

next steps: conversion a wave file into binary numbers, to integers, mix with thermal noise, dedup, again and again.

I hope you enjoy the drawing with our bees! The new version will be launched later in April.


System update with another new functions

Here is a list of the important additions and changes:

General changes:

  • Delete account – user , his information and projects are deleted.
  • Several minor bugs fixed.

Two new anti-cheating functions added to protocols:

  • Visitors can display a list of all projects of the organizer
  • Visitors can see the weight of the winner or another participants